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Nearing 10,000 Supporters

Thank you to everyone who has supported so far, it has been wonderful to see the Ideas community rally around this project. As we march toward 10K, I wanted to post additional photos highlighting the versatility of this set as well as show features that several users requested.

Customizable Faceplates
This was mentioned in the original post, but I wanted to show it in action. In addition to red, I built versions in yellow, azure, and magenta. For the yellow version, I used a retro-LEGO logo since it uses yellow shadowing for the lettering. You'll see in the photo that the faceplate can either be two, 2x6 tiles or three, 2x4 tiles depending on part availability in your preferred color.

Variety of Removable Accessories
I received a couple comments about including different tools/accessories so I wanted to provide a sampling of different options just to indicate what that would look like. One comment I received was to include a keychain. While it is definitely possible to include a real metal ring, I decided to stick to all LEGO parts and use a chain to form a loop. This can be seen easiest in the yellow multi-tool below (using a 16-link chain) however if you look at the magenta tool posted later, you can also see a 5-link chain version.

Another comment was to create a version where all the accessories were useful to LEGO builders. I implemented this in the magenta multi-tool by replacing the corkscrew with a removable minifigure wrench. While the open-ended wrench side could be important in certain situations, I believe the opposite side is the more useful of the two. That side is a nice, wedged surface that is great for prying up individual tiles where the traditional brick separator is too wide to reach. I also replaced the semi-flexible belt bunch with a ridged 4L bar. This could be useful for pushing hard-to-reach pieces around or squeezing them into tight spaces. For example, if you've ever had a tile get stuck in the underside of a standard brick when you first open a bag of parts, you'll be thankful for easy access to this bar accessory. Keen observers will also note the screwdriver has been replaced by a tiny fork. This serves no functional purpose, but it is a nice reminder to take snack breaks during the LEGO building process. I bet no one likes building when they're hungry.

Finally, I wanted to think a little outside the box and imagine a fusion of technology and LEGO. For the dark azure multi-tool, I added a brick-built USB thumb drive. As LEGO moves into the digital age with paper-less instructions, I could envision a scenario where someone wants to store instructions, MOC pictures, or other design documents on a portable drive. Of course, that requires an actual thumb drive to be truly useful, but I enjoyed brainstorming the concept.

Overall Size
My final thought was to emphasize that the size of the build itself could be adjusted. Some of you may have noticed the yellow multi-tool pictured earlier had fewer accessories. That is because it is physically narrower than the others to allow for transportation and storage is tighter spaces. I chose to stick with what I thought were the most useful tools (brick separator, technical axle, and magnifying glass) but customization is still available even with this smaller package size.

Final Thoughts
If you've made it this far, I just wanted to say "thank you" again for all your support. This project is one of the smallest builds posted on the Ideas website, yet it is still getting lots of attention. I think that goes to show that while the community enjoys the large, elaborate sets, it also has a desire for smaller, more affordable options and the Multi-Tool is a fantastic choice to fill that niche.

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