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Batman: Battle on the docks

This lego set is inspired from the launch trailer of Batman arkham Origins where batman goes in an enemy warehouse to stop the criminals. He then meets deathstroke in the docks and battles him. Deadshot a sniper watches batman and deathstroke battle from far , then he spots a cargo box hanging by a chain. He shoots the chain so the box falls on batman and deathstroke .

The inside of the warehouse with two henchmen and lots of accesories.

The set contains 6 minifigurines :
2 Henchmen
There are 3 fish, one dollar bill, a flash light,6 guns,2 swords ,1 axe and a tool .There is a boat a canon ,a batboat, a water mine and the docks. You can make the cargo box fall on batman.

Thanks for reading,hope you like my version of batman battle on the docks : )

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