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Tarantula Mech



This mech model is heavily inspired by the anatomy of a tarantula. I believe this would make an excellent playable and displayable set (two things that are vital to a great LEGO set). Playability includes spinning pods that actually turn into baby spider minions; high poseability with all eight legs; six-stud shooters; easily accessible cockpit and rear passenger seat (and much more to come in future updates!). Hopefully this model speaks for itself as a displayable piece; one way I imagine is crawling on top of several modular buildings, which presents an excellent play possibility: Attack of the Spider Mech!

Features Include:

  • 2 Minifig Pilots
  • 2 Mini Spider Pods
  • Nuclear Engine
  • Command Boards
  • Emergency Tools
  • 2 Spinneret Machine Guns
  • 2 Pedipalp Turrets (Stud Shooters)


Please note: LDD screenshot (last image) is the intended model. The rendering software I use does not fully support the LEGO element library. Note there are chains and wires that support the legs. 1800 piece count.


Possible color combinations include:

  • Silver, Yellow, Black (view image above)
  • Dark Tan, Dark Red, Black (view image above)
  • Sand Green, Orange, Black (view image above)
  • Silver, Gold, Black


Bigger images can be viewed here:


Any feedback or criticism is greatly appreciated. Thanks for dropping by!

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