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Ann's Boutique and Beauty Shop


This is a prototype model for a modular building project I have been designing to fit in with the modular street series. It currently has a boutique on the ground floor, with a beauty shop and hairdresser accessed next door and taking up the next two floors. There's also a small apartment above the dress shop, but I think if I redesign this building that will be removed to lower the brick count. 

I love the pink bricks and think they work well on this project, I haven't seen them used on any other modular series so far, so would be great to see it! 

The Boutique has bow windows leading to the entrance door, flanked by topiary trees in pots. The name of the shop is above the door and there are some striped awnings above the windows. Inside there are racks of dresses, a counter and changing room. 

The beauty shop has an entrance next door to the Boutique, inside on the ground floor are two hair dressing chairs with mirror, brushes and hair dryer etc. The next floor has blowdrying machines that you used to see a lot in womens' hairdressers, plus sinks for washing hair, and the next floor has a nail bar and make up desks. 

The small apartment (bearing in mind I might remove it and extend the beauty shop) is accessed at the rear of the building and has a small kitchen, a seating area and a bedroom.

I hope you like my Boutique and Beauty Shop project, feel free to support it if you do, many thanks!



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