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Among Us - SpaceShip: The Skeld


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What it includes?
  • Open-interior Skeld spaceship with 11 rooms from the game!
  • Various possible accessories and colors to represent the playable characters
  • 1 ghost variation of the red character
  • A mini companion of the red character
  • Various new printed pieces and/or decals presented in the idea

Why I built it?

I've come quite late to the game. But I wanted to have a good go at what I could bring to it. Via LEGO form. Soon after I started working on it during my birthday of all days and now on the second day it is ready to submit. I'm happy with the results especially due to the techniques used on the figures and I think it will make a good LEGO ideas project!

Why I believe it will make a great set

Everybody is super passionate about this game now. From streamers to YouTubers and most importantly for the success of this set: the LEGO community itself. Which has even created various LEGO stop-motions of it.

The parts of the set are interchangeable allowing the customer to keep fiddling around with it rather than leaving it how it is. Due to the high customizability available between switching parts of the figures to make different combinations of each player included.

It features a lot of the game level while compacting it all into tighter spaces. Even featuring the outside features of the spaceship which should allow people interested in the set to appreciate it more as it's quite all-including.

From all these points I believe it will sell well.

Tell your friends, family. Share this LEGO product idea around the internet in general and to other LEGO enthusiasts and communities. Let's get it to 10,000 supporters for a chance of it to become an official LEGO set that you can see and buy!

Full List of Rooms:
  1. Cafeteria
  2. Electrical Room
  3. Storage Room
  4. Admin Room (Swipe Card Room)
  5. Weapons room
  6. Upper Engine
  7. Reactor
  8. Security Camera Room
  9. Navigation Room (Cockpit area)
  10. Med-bay Room
  11. Communications Room

Part Counts:

Note: Subject to change in updates and/if project is developed into a real set.

The Skeld current Part Count (The Ship Only)
- 1358

Characters + accessories current Part Count (Exactly as in views)
- 107

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