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Viking Village

This is my newest build! The Viking Village. 

There are 3 main structures:
  • There is a Viking Blacksmith with two floors. The lower floor is where the blacksmith works. There are items such as an anvil and a furnace. On the top floor, there are bunk beds, a desk, and a bookshelf.
  • The second structure is a regular Viking home. This house contains a bed, a table, kitchen cabinets, and a bookshelf. Additionally, I added A furnace that lays on the ground. Vikings actually used these in real life!
  • Finally, I have a tower to guard the village. I used hinges to make a diagonal pattern going up. It's small but I believe it is a great addition to the build.

There are also other builds that help fit the set into its environment such as a water well,  some sheep, and a tree. I also added some snow to make the build more colorful. One of my favorite features of the build is the pattern of the tiles in the front. It gives it a geometric design that makes the build look a lot less boring.

The set has 8 characters and 2988 pieces.

Thank you and I appreciate your support!

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