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Lair of the Helbar


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Hello Friends and Countrymen,

This is the Lair of the Helbar.  The Helbar were once a nation strong and powerful but now must hide in defended dwellings.  The only people allowed were their specific friends.  They also kept a couple of servants to keep everything in order. Featured are a retractable wall, hidden compartment behind the map, and the breaking tree.  This set comes with:  Two girls, a Helbar (Holding Mace&chain), a scribe (who is also an archer) two servants and... the deadly Whisperers.  The Whisperers were old friends of the Helbar but are now also reduced to nothing but guards of the evil bridge.

This set includes:

4 Birds

2 Quill pens

1 Bow&quiver

1 Fish&bone

2 Dynamite

2 Shovels

1 Garden scraper

2 Cats 

and 1 Hoe.

I hope you all like this. 

And help the cause and support.

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