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Minifigure Bleacher

Everyone is collecting Minifigures! Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, DC Super Heros and the 6 mini-figure sets are just a few of LEGO mini-figure collections. Everyone wants a way to display there collections, and I have designed a great bleacher to do just that.

The bleacher I have designed will hold 16 minifigures plus accessories. You can even connect two or more bleachers together so you can display your complete collection at once!

Using Lego Digital Designer I have created a Bleacher set that is easy to build in several design colors. I hope LEGO can package the Bleachers to sell next to the minifigure sets @

Here is a link to design at the Digital Designer Gallery, visit
then enter Username = sambeckett and push the ARROW next to the box to load. You can click the download button to receive the Digital Designer file. You can also vote on my design in the Gallery, but don't forget to click Support on this page.

If you search for "Bleachers" in the gallery you will see several other designs by other people. Which should prove to LEGO that this is a popular idea. But with the "Design by ME" project shut down, LEGO lovers can't order the custom bleachers anymore.

Please support this useful set by pushing the huge Support button and sharing with your friends on Facebook and twitter.

A Blue and Brown bleacher with attachment peg. Displayed are series 1 and 2 minifigures.

Bleacher with 16 Star Wars minifigures. Other Bleacher in the background are displaying my Series 1 to 6 collections.

Highlighting the accessory holders for skis and ice skates. This is so the minifigures are able to stand on the bleachers without falling down. Makes it each to move the bleachers without anything falling off.

My large collection of bleachers I created online with the Digital Designer software. I ordered 12 sets of bleachers from LEGO before the Design by ME program was closed down.

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