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Lego Adventures is a strategy board game for unlimited amounts of people. It is similar to heroica but this is aimed at slightly older lego fans and more based on the Dungeons and Dragons board game as there are far more weapons and items. The player in charge of the monsters, a.k.a the dungeon master is given a map of where the monsters are placed and when they appear, most of the time when the heroes enter a certain area or room. This calls for more strategy than Heroica uses which does not let the heroes die. The dungeon master can see where all of the traps are placed which are activated when a hero stands on it but monsters are not affected by them.

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The board is raised and uses clips which allow for unlimited customization and unlimited size, it can be as big or small as you want. There are around 20 creatures lined up for different scenarios all with their own unique attacks and special abilities.

This is the biggest set of the first batch of sets, The Castle of Undying. It would include 3 heroes, 5 skeletons, 4 ghosts, 2 Vampire Bats and a Vampire Overlord. The items, 2 weapon racks, 2 crystal balls, 3 potions and 2 shield keys.

These are the items found in the castle. From left to right, Potion of speed (+1 movement) ,Potion of rage (make an attack even if it is not your turn), Potion of Health (+1 Health), Crystal ball (draw a spell card), weapon rack, (take 2 weapon cards), Magic shields, shield keys (used to remove shields.

This set is the Enchanted Forest, it would include 2 adventurers 2 dryads, 2 gnolls and 1 forest troll. It has special "root spaces" which when stood on, wrap around the adventurer's ankles and they have reduced abilities. There are 3 lost weapons (weapon racks) and a potion of health. There are no crystal balls because there would not be a wizard included in this set.

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