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The Dragon-Riders’ Castle


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Hidden in the highest mountains of the kingdom lived the dragons. They used a cave to make their nest. One day, a knight discovered it and decided to try to raise the little ones. After a while, he managed to ride a dragon. Then he went to see the king and proposed to him to build a castle above the cave: a secret school where apprentices will be educated and will become the strongest guardians of the kingdom.

The castle stands on a hill and is composed of four stages that can be separated:
- a cave for the dragons
- on the first floor, there are an interior courtyard, a sheltered space, the kitchen and its pantry under the stairs
-on the second floor, there are a walkway, a crane, a study room and a dormitory for the dragon-riders apprentices
- finally, on the top floor is the library.

The set also includes :
- some characters: four apprentices, a master, a librarian and a cook
- six dragons : two adults, two children and two babies.

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