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Cherry Picker Truck with Trailer and Traffic Signs


Hi  my name is Treetop 2017 and this is my  idea for a Lego City Construction idea. This is called Cherry Picker with Trailer and Traffic Signs. This idea has a truck., a swinging bucket, two Tree experts, a cell phone, a laptop, two driving sticks, a driving wheel, two safety Construstion hats, a trailer, two traffic signs with lights, a number plate on the front, a axe and a broom. I put up a picture of the inside cab of the truck and some other pictures of the finished product. I built this Idea yesterday when I had nothing to do and i was getting bored.There is a big gap in the Lego City Construction sets and I am trying to fill it in. You can see my other ideas like the Flagging and Survey Crew and the Tar Paver! If you like what you see please be sure to check them out as well! This idea was easy to make and a lot of fun for everyone. I am a big Lego City fan and so that is why i am to create new ideas for people to vote on. It also lets my imagination run wild when I play with it!Thanks for your vote and have a Great Day!

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