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Back to Mars: Battle Ship with Hangar

Please refer also to the main project Back to Mars - a classic space theme!

Let's celebrate the successful landing of Curiosity on Mars at the 6th of August 2012!

During the battle against aliens on Mars, mankind designed a special spacecraft for heavy combat situations: MP-504 "Battle Ship"

+ heavy laser cannon turret (front, turnable by 360°)
+ 6 plasma torpedos (flick-fire mechanism inside wings)
+ fusion powered hyperdrive (back)
+ hangar for the "Avenger" spacecraft
+ conning bridge with dual-passthrough
+ air lock system (savely enter hangar)
+ engine control / support terminal
+ communication transmitter / radar system
+ 9 man crew (5 in cockpit, 4 in hangar)
+- 1 battle ship commander
+- 2 battle ship pilots
+- 4 astronauts
+- 1 support droid
+- 1 spacecraft pilot

Side view with opened hangar (hangar sides, conning bridge and cover can be opened)

The air lock is a dual-gate system to enable the astronauts to pass it while the hangar is open. Via turning the front laser cannon turret by 180°, it can be hidden under the cockpit completely. This is helpful to protect the laser during humanitarian missions. After opening the cover of the conning bridge, a storage box under the main roof can be accessed.

Powerful hyperdrive in the middle of the back (flick-fire knobs in wings)

Each plasma torpedo can be fired off separately via pressing the knobs at the back. The flick-fire mechanism is completey hidden inside of the wings.

Conning bridge (with commander, pilots and astronauts), spacecraft and service support

Ready for the mission...

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