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Space X Falcon 9 Ultimate Collection


Space X is a most heard of company when you think of space in the 21st century! 

Today I propose a project that has been in the making for over 6 months!

Model Features:

Folding down landing Legs

Folding out Grid Fins

Opening Fairings

Removable Second Stage

Satellite included 


I believe that the launchpad will be the winner for this set! As I have not seen any other Falcon 9 makes with a launchpad!

I do hope you all enjoy my model and I've been working on this for over 6 months now and I would love for it to get at least 10 000 supporters!!


Please expect in the updates, a land landing pad and an Autonomous Drone Ship!


Please support support support and like and comment! I would love to hear all of your comments!


Kindest regards,


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