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Another edition to the epic, Portal 2 collection, Lego GLaDOS, or, Genetic Lifeform and Disc Operating System, is an evil robot bound to terrorize Chell with pain staking tests.  This fully articulated has it all.  Including functions from the game! If you take off her head, you can easily put Wheatley on instead (from my Lego Portal 2 project.) 

GLaDOS' head is fully articulated and can be posed to watch Chell or other life forms.  Or, in this case, robots...  GLaDOS also comes with wires popping out in each direction, just like the game.  She can also swing around from a ball joint at the top of the wall she is on.  Future updates will be made to GLaDOS and Lego Portal 2, so keep your eyes peeled!  Please support this project, it took a very long time to make and I think you would love this set.  Thank you for visiting this project!

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