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The Playhouse

Introducing the Lego Playhouse.

When I was little I always dreamed of having a garden playhouse, although I didn’t even have the garden. Now as an adult and a parent, I still don’t have a garden, but I know someday I will and then I’ll have the opportunity to build a playhouse for my daughter just like this one. She’s the inspiration behind this project. I love building things out of Lego for her, and this one took special care. Let me tell you about it.

I wanted to build a playful set that could spark the imagination of both adults and children. Lego never fails to let my inner child free and I wanted to represent that with a colourful yet detailed and tasteful build. This would look great as an addition to any Lego collection, beside a big family house, in a garden, by the seaside or as a stand-alone decoration to bring joy to a room. The playability here is sovereign, first of all the house opens up completely for ease of play. All the little details to discover and all the usable parts are sure to bring loads of fun. The size of the set is also good as a starter set or as a cute add on or gift.

I was very satisfied for the results and so was my little one. She was amazed at all the things I included and of course couldn’t stop making the little mini figure go up the stairs and down the slide. The build is also solid enough to withstand a good playing session.

If you read so far, I thank you and I’ll offer to bring you on a tour of the highlights of the Lego Playhouse.

There are three main elements to the set: a play car, a corner of the garden with a chest of outdoor toys and the playhouse itself. This sits in with the greenery and you can see potted plants as well all around. Of course what stands out is the slide with the classic tire swing on the side. A bench and a postbox complete the look on the front.

Going inside on the ground floor we immediately catch sight of a fish tank and some toys on the shelves. Of course we couldn’t do without a toy box full of Lego!
A table and a couch with a comfy pillow by the windows is the perfect place for a healthy snack.

Upstairs is a cosy veranda. Lounging under the vines is the girl’s favourite toy, a stuffed baby turtle. And when nighttime falls, it’s finally time to look at the stars in the telescope area while enjoying some ice cream.

The set comes with one child mini figure sporting a simple look so that any small or big girl can see herself inside the game.

I hope that together we can make this set happen!

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