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Jumbo Jet Space Craft Carrier


This is a simple model of big jumbo jet inspired by Boeing 747. NASA used it for transporting space craft for thirty years. This is an iconic plane. The aircraft are four-engine intercontinental-range, swept-wing "jumbo jets" that entered service in 1969.

According NASA features that distinguish this plane from standard 747 jetliners are:

  • Three struts with associated interior structural strengthening protrude from the top of the fuselage (two aft, one forward) on which the orbiter is attached.
  • Two additional vertical stabilizers, one on each end of the standard horizontal stabilizer, to enhance directional stability.
  • Removal of all interior furnishings and equipment aft of the forward No. 1 doors.
  • Instrumentation used by flight crews and engineers to monitor orbiter electrical loads during the ferry flights and also during pre - and post - ferry flight operations.

This model is made up of 3 modules: the plane, the stand and the space craft. Very simple and
uses only 200 bricks. Color scheme is intentionally made flexible.

This is very beautiful plane. It only takes an 2 hours to build and has achieved incredible detail with only around 200 bricks. I hope you will like it.

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