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The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson

Hello Lego fans. This is my second set. Introducing my Johnny Carson Tribute Set. I would like this to maybe become a real set to thank them all for the fun and experience, they gave with every show. The Tonight Show with Johnny ran from 1962 to 1992. The yellow chair is from the 1970s, the gray chair is from the 1980s, and the couch is there also.

There are 1,215 pieces in total. The Mini Figures included with this set are Johnny Carson, a co-host, a band leader, a musician and a cameramen. So there are only 5 Minifigures in the set.

If there was a way for a sound brick to have the other host say quote "Here's Johnny" and Johnny saying the quote "I'm humbled by that applause" I would love to include that.

I was happy to find a guitar piece for the set. I also made the musicians band area, drums, a trumpet, and a piano with a band leader.

The other host is by the couch, Johnny is by his desk. A random chicken. Also colorful walls. I hope it looks good, and is a good tribute to Johnny. Thanks.

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