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Samurai Castle

(Premise: I specify that the castle is modular, there are 4 parts with a 16x16 base.)

A samurai Lego castle has not been built since the 90s. A real shame, so here's how I imagine the next Shogun castle: small and big at the same time, with 4 levels of guard plus a fifth for the treasure. Let's go to the details, there is the manège of the lord, zen gardens with bamboo, cherry tree, stone pagodas and traditional lanterns. Strong entrance doors, a small traditional kitchenette, the Shogun room with tatami mats, a large panoramic terrace, not even the dungeon with the warehouse ant the prison. Do you think the ninja of the enemy Daymio will be able to steal the treasure ? 

And that they can reach 10.000 likes, BANZAIII !!!

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