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Fishing Town

This is fishville, a small,quiet  fishing town somewhere in the middle of the ocean. When I built it I thought "hey this would be cool to put on Lego ideas ."so I did. I didn't make this for Lego ideas but I made it to play with and I just kept adding more and more buildings and other things  like people. This set includes five people, a fisher man, a writer, a warrior, a cook and a thief. I made the thief to look mischievous and to look like she was "up to something". Each of the characters has a designated building, for the fisher man a house connected to a cave the writer has his own hut across a bridge, the cook has a place next to the fisherman , the warrior has a training area with a roof top deck thingy and the thief has a jail above the cook's house. I think that this would be a great Lego set because it is just a little complex to build and it has lots of different characters to create stories with.

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