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Blue Griffin MK3


This creation is named the Blue Griffin. It's a spaceship with a pilot and a navigator. The ship isn't meant for combat. Its main purpose is to explorer to various parts of the galaxy.The person in the front of the cockpit is the pilot and the person in the back is the navigator. All four of the wings on the ship are mostly identical in parts and color and can fold back.They also be turned upside down. The wings are very flexible, with multiple joints and moving parts, a person can customize the way the wings look. The black propellers on the back can each be spun 360 degrees and both propellers can be adjusted facing the back and the front. Lastly, the spaceship also has landing gear. It's hidden in the bottom in the front of the spaceship. When the landing gear is down, the ship becomes more balanced.

Now I didn't just build this creation for no reason, I built this because I wanted to show others what I could do. Another reason why I built this, was because I like sci-fi, spaceship type things. I enjoy building these types of creations. I think that this creation will catch the eyes of others who like spaceships and other sci-fi type things. I think that some young boys will  enjoy putting this together. With all the different parts and colors in this creation I hope that it will inspire others to build something imaginative as well. I put a lot of effort into this build and I hope that others will stop by to take a look at this creation and support it.    

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