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City Cars


In Lego City there are few cars,so I think to create some different vehicles.

This set include:

  • one pink car,with two minifigures (one woman and one child)
    this car has two seats,and a space for leave luggage
  • one green car,with one old man
    this car has an openable boot
  • one white car with a teenager
    this is a sports cabriolet car (ideal for young people),
  • one motorbike and an emergency telephone (with some remedial stuff)
    it's a sports motorbike,with a build for emengercy. It's a telephone,with some bricks for attack a screwdriver,an oil jug,and a wrench.

Clothes are very funny and consistent with the people's age.

I'm not sure if biker's wear exist on black colour.

You can include this set to Lego City.


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