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Y-Wing Microfighter


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Hi, all!

While searching for images for my U-Wing microfighter project (, I stumbled on some Y-Wing pics and started to thing it would make a good microfighter. So after some work (more than expected), here it is: The Y-WING MICROFIGHTER.

This design is based on the original trilogy and not in the clone version.

Unlike some of my other projects, here there aren't many play features since the original design doesn't have folding wings, doors, ramps or other stuff like that, and for the exception for a pair of antennas (made to look like defense cannons) and some flick missiles, there's nothing else movable.

For the engines "extensions" I started using spiral tubes, and although they look good and there were 4 of them by engine, the overall sturdiness were poor. Therefore I replaced them with cross axles, that don't look that good, but are very sturdy. Also in the engines I just wish Lego made a plate round with vertical shaft in white (there's just black and brown) but black doesn't look that bad. In the end, the pieces counter stopped at 105 (microfighters pieces limit).

Comments, suggestions and ideas are welcome and I also hope you like it and support it. If you do... Thanks!


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PS: To whoever says this or other project, mine or not, has to many knobs showing, I say this:

THIS... IS... LEGO!!!


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