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The Ancient Board Game - Pai Sho

Were you always interested in the ancient boardgame that is played throughout the Nickelodeon TV-Series AVATAR: The last Airbender and The Legend of Korra?

Here you have it! a fully playable build of the Gameboard with all necessary plates and all 108 Tiles including the famous White Lotus Tile! (which is not in my sleeve the whole time!)

Pai Sho is a two-player game that is popular throughout the world of AVATAR, appealing to people of all ages.

"I always tried to tell you that Pai Sho is more than just a game."
— Iroh to Zuko.

The set consists of 781 Pieces from which are 673 just for the build of the Board

"Not many still claim to the ancient ways - but those who do will always find a friend."

the us all get this to 10000 votes my friends!

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