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The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes


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Welcome to 221B Baker Street

Are you in London? Well... Take the subway right away, watch out for MIND THE GAP and get off at Baker Street station. Done?
What do you see just outside the station? A wonderful statue of a very famous person, but let's not waste time, turn immediately right, continue for about 200 meters, and you have arrived in front of the house of the most famous detective in the world, SHERLOCK HOLMES - 221b BAKER STREET.

LONDON, 1887
The famous detective Sherlock Holmes and his trusted colleague, Dr. J. Watson, live in the house of the lovely Mrs. Hudson. Together, they help the police solve the most mysterious cases, behind which hides their archenemy: the villain Dr. Moriarty. Help our friends solve the case and analyze the various clues: What does RACHE mean? Who is behind the mystery of the Baskerville family? Climb aboard your buggy and set off on an adventure. Concentrate in front of the fireplace and put on your inseparable dressing gown, maybe playing the violin will help you. Elementary, my dear Watson


The build consists of around 2550 pieces, including the minifigures and the buggy. The dimensions are: 32 x 25 x 15. Every single room in the house is furnished, trying to inspire me as much as possible from the SHERLOCK HOLMES MUSEUM in London. All minifigures and stickers have been designed and engineered specifically for this project. I wanted to leave the back of the house open to make it immediately playable, I hope you like this choice.

Compared to my previous project, I made several changes: the windows are much more accurate, and I tried to make the façade as faithful as possible to the London museum. The interior furnishings have been completely redesigned, in particular the fireplace, in which I decided to place the head of the Mastino Baskerville.


Why should you support this project?
  1. Sherlock Holmes is the most famous detective in the world, just as Baker Street is the most famous address ever.
  2. All over the world, many adults, but also children, have read the novels about The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.
  3. Over time, various formats have been created: films (a new film will be released in 2024), TV series and much more. All this because many stories of this character are in the public domain. So why not make a LEGO set too?

Thanks to all those who want to help me for my second chance, with the hope that many other people can approach reading one of the most famous novels in the world.

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