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Carcassonne Board Game - Office Edition


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Carcassonne is a classic game of city building, farming, and highway robbery. The original, set in the real-life city in France, quickly became a favorite among board game fans everywhere. This project presents that board game in a new setting–a thriving office building! This game is full of all the stuff you'll find in any office–annoying co-workers, angry managers, water coolers, cubicles, janitors, etc.

But for those of you who are not familiar with the game, I will provide a brief layout of the rules.

Each turn, a player draws a tile and chooses where to place it. He may then place a follower on an area of it to collect points in various ways: Thieves on roads, Knights in cities, Farmers in fields, and Monks in cloisters. However, this new edition offers a different set of characters:

The Boss (Picture 4, monk) is placed on a brown area and must be surrounded by tiles to maximize points. He likes adding people to his tiny empire.

The Co-Worker (Picture 5, thief) stands on carpeted hallways and annoys other employees. Lengthen his carpet to give him more points.

The Manager (Picture 6, knight) has his own private office. Completing his office gives you tons of points.

Finally, the Janitor (Picture 7, farmer) is placed in the large gray areas and washes the private office windows, giving you points for every complete office in his gray field.

Picture 7 shows the available employee pieces (each player chooses a color), six plus one for the point track (Picture 2).

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Here are the original games' rules:

I highly recommend Carcassonne to anyone interested in board games.

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