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Batman Arkham City:Joker's Lazarus Pit Showdown


"Get out of the my way batsy!, I've got a date with immortally"-Joker

Batman Arkham City:Joker's Lazarus Pit showdown, the last project to complete my Arkham projects. This project is base on Batman Arkham City the video game. It contains four great characters and the famous Lazarus Pit. The minifigures are Batman(Arkham city battle damage), Joker(Arkham City sick), Clayface's monster goon(Arkham City) and clayface(Arkham City).The Batman minifigure comes with the Freeze Blast gadget and Talia Al Ghul's sword. The Clayface minifigure comes with the cure for the titan sickness, which Batman and Joker are dying from. Then the two nobs are pull from the back of the set, the top part falls down on to the small pit where Head of the Demon A.K.A. Ra's Al Ghul bathe in. Also you can put a minifigure in the Lazarus Pit, but I don't recommend putting the Joker minifigure in it. A comic drawn by me will be included in this project, the images will given to Lego when this project gets 10,000 supporters. I may show some images of the comic on Youtube.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey diddle diddle time for a riddle, are you up for the challenge??

In each My Arkham projects there are a Riddler's trophie,which is leading to my Riddler project. Note, in my Arkham Origins project and Arkham Asylum project there isn't a Riddler Trophie in the images that because I forgot to put them in the images. The Riddler trophies will be added on the update, so keep your eyes open for them.



The Joker doesn't want to live, he wants to be immortal. Help Batman stop the Joker from jumping in to the Lazarus Pit, but watch out from Clayface. Build Batman's Freeze Blast gadget to freeze Clayface and gain the cure from Clayface.



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