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The Old Watchtower


The old imperial watchtower stands above the kingdom road. There, the Captain and his valiant soldiers watch over the safety of travellers, unknowing that the leader of local bandits is planning to launch an attack to take the tower for themselves. Will they prevail, forcing the Captain and the King's soldiers to leave their post? Or will the fearless knights be able to repent the attackers? It is all up to you!

This build is inspired mainly from original Lego Castle and Knight's Kingdom themes, set to a more realistic tone. The design was also influenced by other sources (e.g. videogames, most notably Age of Empires II and The Settlers).

Being a decorative and spectacular build, it is also intended to be a play set, featuring some play features, such as a working, simple and old-fashioned 'slam-and-fire' mechanic catapult. Furthermore, the back section of the building rests on hinges and can be opened, revealing a detailed interior. Nevertheless, this is a rather simple build, without overly complicated building techniques. The two rivalling factions add to playability, such as in the case of original Lego Castle and Knight's Kingdom sets. Thus, adult collectors and children alike may be the target audience for this set. The set contains a total of 883 pieces.

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