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Lego Princess Tiara

Well Hello Lego Princesses

This is the Lego Princess Tiara.
Now all your dreams have been fulfilled by the ultimate Lego Fairy called Try It All (sort of!).
Become a princess just by wearing this tiara and show off your cuteness.
Who said that Tiara's had to be made out of diamonds.Now make your own Tiara out of Lego!!

Made with Lego bricks,Lego Technic,a pouch full of magic and some secret potions this can be the perfect gift for you or anybody else.
This is perfect for any occasion such as birthday parties,Christmas,Thanksgiving and if that's not enough well then you can wear it while watching your favorite princess movie.

You can also create stories out of it and play with your family members.
Pretend-play with it, be a princess and rule the princess-dom and be any type of princess you like.

Talking about the design of the Tiara it contains a heart like shape in the middle along with arches on the side of it and finishing touches around the headband.

The Tiara is fit for ages 10-12 but don't worry you can always make it much bigger in size by joining the 2 pieces which have been provided.
And if you are smaller all you have to do is to attach the bricks further behind.

I have made this Tiara specially for Christmas and I have made this for every little princess who always wanted to be one yet couldn't be.
And well for someone else who is very close to my heart.

If you have reached this far then please be sure to support my product idea so that every little girl can be a princess.

And that said I would like to end this by saying:

See Ya Lego Princesses!!!

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