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Living Monster Truck

This build is the coolest vehicle of all...THE MONSTER TRUCK!!!! This build features working suspension made out of technic parts and a simple mechanism for transformation into a monster! The function works by pushing a button at the back, then by pushing down on the hood it resets itself. There are also side view mirrors and smoke stacks on the side.

I built this because I wanted a cool vehicle that is more than it appears to be. I took some inspiration from Lego's newest theme, Hidden Side. Even though I don't care for the theme itself, I liked the play features. It would be cool to get a monster truck through Ideas because you can have a lot more detail and function than a monster truck in a City or Creator set would have. This build is an awesome creation that will blow your mind! It would make a great set because Lego doesn't make a lot of functional sets like this.

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