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Life-sized Human Skull with Movable Jaw


H.R. Giger's "Landscape XIX"

Due to the recent tremendous support of the LEGO comunity my project already reached a third of the needed supports! To show my gratitude I tried to reproduce the swiss artist H.R.Giger's "Landscape XIX" with LEGO bricks, using my skull-model as a base. I hope you like it :-)


Happy Halloween!

Halloween is coming and I just wanted to add a little update to my LEGO-Ideas skull-project :-)

Please keep up the great support and help my project becoming a real LEGO set one day by spreading it all over the internet!

(There's a larger version of the picture on:

Thank you very much!


My project was featured on!

On the 7th of July my LEGO-skull was featured in an article on together with 4 other Ideas-projects!

Most of you probably know this page, but if you don't you should absolutely check it out! They always have up to date news, tons of set-reviews and a lot of other interesting articles. Also if you're looking for special part-numbers, building instructions etc. you should definitely have a look at their awesome database!

A big thank you goes to rock99rock for featuring my LEGO-skull in his article and helping promoting my project! That's just absolutely awesome! :-)


1000 Supporters!

So my project already reached 1000 supporters!

Thank you everyone for believing in this project!

Let's celebrate with some crazy calaveras! :-)


Skull Island

Just played around with creating a "Skull Island" for the Pirate theme using my skull-model...



As suggested by some people, I added a display-stand to my skull.

Hope you like it! :-)

Since some people already asked me about the number of pieces my model consists of:
 It's 1227 pieces.

Please keep up the great support and keep promoting my project!

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