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Why I Built it...
Pikmin is a video game created by Nintendo that I've always wanted to see become a LEGO set. Being my favorite game, I just had to make it into a product idea. Since a Minifigure can't actually throw Pikmin, I made a catapult to launch them instead!

About the Project...
You can launch the Pikmin at enemies, flowers, and targets to collect fruit like you would in the game. This set isn't all about launching Pikmin though. You can take flight with the S.S. Drake, Alphs ship and play with multiple different characters such as Captain Olimar, Alph, two yellow Pikmin, two blue Pikmin, two red Pikmin, and three different enemies. If you have any suggestions please let me know.

This build took exactly 849 LEGO elements to make and would make a great model or toy for any Nintendo fan. Note: This is not supposed to be a character pack or battle pack. Each of the pictures are showing individual parts of the set. Let's make LEGO Pikmin a thing! Feel free to share this idea around.
It has taken me a whole month to get this thing approved, so I hope you like it. Please support and thanks for reading, chum!

I still have other ideas I would love to see become sets. Please support those as well. Thanks!

If you like this idea a lot, why not share it around? It would be most helpful!

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