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The Man Cave


The “Man Cave” is a Lego set about grownups who want to build and design a special place. As the name suggests, this dream room or den where a hard working man comes to relax. It features many elements including a wall mounted TV with surround sound, a couch, and a coffee table with food and drink on it. The shelf has items that are unique and personal to the one who builds this room such as chosen wall hangings and a side board along with a pair of custom lamps. This model has 420 bricks.

The idea for the set is that the person designing the “Man Cave” will buy a set that comes 3 or more couches or a variety of furniture to build, different kinds of TV’s, various wall hangings etc. With this in mind, the set can easily increase in size to about 1000 pieces giving the Lego builder a great range of possible ways to decorate his/her “Man Cave” – creating an endless building experience. A dream for the novice to expert Lego Builder.  

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