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Lego Frog Paludarium

I've always been a fan of various Lego animals and when I decided to collect the various different coloured Lego frogs I spent a while contemplating how to best display them. Then it hit me, they needed their own enclosure!

I built the enclosure modelled on some I used to own for various reptiles & overall it resembles what you'd usually expect to frogs housed in when kept as pets. In keeping with reality, the vivarium enclosure is translucent on all sides with a door at the front for access. It also has a removable light canopy & mesh roof.

Inside the enclosure I've got an area of water with some lily pads which is separated from the vegetation area by a stone wall. The vegetation has a wide mix of plants & a large tree which hangs through the enclosure. The wall at the back is a rocky stone wall with areas of vegetation. The water & soil are made of loose pieces for effect. There are lots of places for all 30 of the frogs within to hide!

The set is 16 x16 x 32.5cm in size and consists of approx. 2260 Lego pieces (1375 of those are the loose tiles creating water/soil effect)
Hopefully you like it, if so make sure you hit 'support'

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