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Zombie Apocalypse (Marville Town Hospital)

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It is the end of the world and the dead roam the earth. Survivors Jessica and Fred, have heard rumors of a hospital in a town called Marville that is said to have found a cure to the zombie plague.Doctor Elizabeth Williams has been hard at work in her lab to find this cure. Inside the hospital there is a chamber with a sealed door with a zombie inside with a turning platform on one side there is a zombie and another a man. to add a play feature of curing. there is a tube that pumps the cure into the chamber. The hospital has removable sections for the roof and the building has plant growth on it to show that it has not been cared for, for some time. Outside there are two zombies that are chasing Jessica and Fred, can they make it to safety.  

I built this set being a fan of zombies and I thought of a way to make a cool idea for a set from that idea with the spinning platform to a cure play feature. I also built it because there is a lack of spooky themed sets out there, yes there is the Hidden Side but outside of the theme there isn't any themes like that so I was inspired to make a set like this also being a huge fan of Halloween. 

I think this will make a great set because there is a lack of spooky themed LEGO sets and I thought it would be fun to add a decrepit warn down hospital, which would make a great display peace I think. There is also some play-ability with the spinning platform in the zombie cure chamber. the lab and removable roof.

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