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Amsterdam Souvenirshop


Welcome to my impression of a Souvenirshop based in Amsterdam. This building is a modular designed on a 32x32 baseplate. I have used alle the space on this plate and a little bit more.

The front of this shop is built like a typical “grachtenpand” house near the Amsterdam canals. The stairs shaped roof is seen on a lot of houses there. It is made with brick walls and the orange/red rooftiles. On the ground floor you can find the actual shop for the tourists. There are big shelves with a load of products showed. Also, there is a counter for checking out. Complete with a cash register and a PIN. On the walls are some paintings.

I have updated the shop and added a extra floor which is yet to be determined what it will be used for. Also the front of the shop changed in height to look more like a actual building in the streets of Amsterdam. The windows are now more classical too.

The stairs lead to the second floor which can be used as a airBNB, or a sleeping spot for the shop owner. You have the big bed with the three crosses from Amsterdam, a couch, some furniture, a shower, and a television. Via the door you can reach the porch which is really all about relaxing and enjoying the city. A big and comfy sofa in the colours of the city will make sure of that. We also have a BBQ placed here, and some pillars with greens. The floor is pretty busy with all kinds of coloured planks.

The back of the shop is featuring 2 big plates having the flag of Amsterdam on them. A really big thing for me was to put a winch/pully on the front of the shop. In the old days the people used that for moving goods to the upper floor.

This has been very fun to make, and I hope you all enjoy this creation too. If you may have any suggestions or comments, please let me know.


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