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The Relaxing Beach


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the craving rhythms of CITY stress you, you can not stand the boss, hate your colleagues, traffic kills you ...
here is the solution for you ...
THE BEACH of LEGO City !!!
a quiet place away from the stress where you can relax in safety and tranquility !!!
umbrellas, deckchairs and sun loungers on a magnificent beach with crystal clear water ...
a beach equipped for your vacation or for a weekend of all relaxation.

beach with all amenities:
- Parasols with sun loungers and deckchairs
- Bar with traditional seafood cuisine with fresh fish every day.
- picnic area in the shadow of a palm tree
- 12h rescue service
- safe water boundaries (white buoys)
- bathing water limit (red buoys)
- hot water shower
- a small fountain of drinking water

bar fueled with methane gas (green cylinder on the back shower), and hot water with solar roof system.

the bar roof is removable to see the inside.

7 minifigures: 4 tourists, a fisherman, 1 lifeguard, a cook.

consisting of about 900 bricks

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