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The Sea Duck


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Great ready for death-defying adventures in the Conwing L-16, known the world over as the venerable Sea Duck! Piloted by the loveable Baloo, along with his trusty companion Kit Cloudkicker, the Sea Duck is ready to haul cargo to the ends of world on a moment’s notice.

This is my version of the Duck, as seen in Walt Disney's TailSpin cartoon, which aired in the US from 1990 to 1991. It has a functioning rear cargo door, and is able to hold a large amount of whatever you need to haul for Beckie, Louie, Shere Kahn, or anyone else in Cape Suzette .

While there a huge number of aircraft I'd like to model from this show (and will), the Duck rightfully had to be the first.

This model contains 758 parts, and was fully designed in LDD before I built the physical model.

So go full throttle, because Don Karnage and his air pirates are right on your tail!


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