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Lego Architecture Snp Bridge

The snp bridge is a bridge located in the capital of slovakia, bratislava. It crosses the danube river. With it´s 303 meter lenght it is the longest hanging bridge in the world, because it has no supports in the river, only on the shores. It was built as a monument to the slovak national uprising, which happened during world war 2 thanks to which we became one of the winning countries. The most iconic part of the bridge tho, is a ufo in a height of 84.6 meters. The ufo is actually a restaurant and a viewing deck with a beatiful view of the city and the nearby park.  It sits on two pillars, which make one pyllon. It has won a lot of national, continental and worldwide awards. It woud do as a great set, because it´s a very unque bridge. I built it, because i would really like to see a lego architecture set from my country.      

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