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Robin Hood's Trysting Tree


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Lythe and listin, gentilmen! This project revolves around the popular ballads of Robin Hood, and presents a trysting (meeting) tree where Robin and his Merry Men can gather.

This model features a large three story tree-fort that splits in half for increased playability (see the second picture), yet also locks into place for better stability. Each level has several features:

  1. A storage and concealment area on the first level, with several Robin Hood-like features—peek holes, bags of loot, weapons, food and drink, and a treasure chest
  2. A guard post fortified with sharpened logs on the second level
  3. A top level that serves as a lookout point

The Merry Men can move about the tree by ladders and vines. The ladders can be lowered to allow access to the second level or raised to prevent intruders. In the locked raised position, the ladders, along with the vines, allow Merry Men to scale to the third level. Finally, the set includes three archery targets, four archery wands, a pack horse carrying gems and coins, and six minifigures.

The minifigures include (from left to right in the eighth picture): Robin HoodGeorge a Greene, Bettris, Much the Miller's Son, and Sir Guy of Gisbourne.

You can also see these pictures in better quality through Flickr:

Feel free to add any suggestions or questions in the comments if I missed anything.

This is the first of four planned projects revolving around Robin Hood. The other projects are:

  • Little John's Lair
  • Marian's Prison Rescue
  • Will Scarlet's Outpost


I feel that this would be a great Lego Ideas set since it compliments the Forestmen and Dark Forest lines, while including a rich back story, many different features, and the benefit of updated Lego pieces.

Feel free to share and support if you like this project and would love to see it as a set!

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