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Warrior Cats Figures


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Hello, what you are looking at above is my idea for lego Warrior Cats. Warriors as most people know them is a book series about cats who live out in the wild in four clans, Thunderclan, Riverclan, Shadowclan, and Windclan. It is a series that has five parts of six books each in it. It also has some extra books. So now on to my design process for these cats. The first part of my design process was getting one of the cats in hand in real life, so before I started building the cat I drew up some sketches and looked at photos of actual cats. After I had gotten all of my inspiration for the cats I got to work. I built up the main frame of the cat changed it up and changed it up more, then finally had my first model in hand. The next step in the design process was getting the real design into digital form so after many hours of unbuilding and rebuilding my real model I had the first LDD version. The Second to last step now was to get all six characters built and colored correctly so that I could upload the project here. Then my final step was to take the screenshots and upload the pictures here so that it could be on its journey (hopefully) to Lego store shelves. Oh, and if you were wondering all the cats in the photo are listed here. Orange cat: Fireheart, Sand Blue cat: Blustar, White cat: Whitestorm, Grey cat: Greystripe, Sand cat: Sandstorm, Brown and black cat: Tigerclaw. Thank you for supporting my project I hope to see it on store shelves soon.




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