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Rocket League Octane


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Love Rocket League? Love Lego? Love Video games? Then, with your support, this could be made into a set! This Octane features:
  • Fully Working Suspension
  • Authentic, Realistic Exterior (You can't see the inside of the Octane in Rocket League)
  • Working Steering
  • Meticulously Recreated Back
  • Tunica Wheels (Yes, I know they're from the Lamborghini Sían...)
  • Minifigure Representations of eSports players Arsenal and Jstn
This took me about 5 months to make and has undergone many changes and adjustments. In the end, though, I love the finished model. Hopefully, you guys love it too, and even if it doesn't reach the 10,000 supports, I hope you would be inspired to make your own version. But Let's hope it does!

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