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1-15 Sliding Puzzle


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Everyone has a sliding puzzle.  You probably got hundreds of them in goody bags at birthday parties when you were a kid.  The puzzles are great because they require kids to think, but after a while they get so messed up that they become unsolvable.  You wind up popping out all the pieces, and then breaking some of the tiles, as you try to put it back together so that you can start over and do it again.  But what if you could easily take it apart and put it back together?  What if the puzzle was made of Legos?

Introducing a 1-15 Sliding Puzzle made completely out of Lego bricks.  Because all surfaces are made of tiles and inverse tiles, everything will slide smoothly.  If you are good at these puzzles, no problem, it works just like the regular ones.  However, if you are like me and solve 1-8 but get stuck on 9-15, no problem, just take it apart and rebuild it again!

Even better, do you want something more exciting than 1-15?  How about an actual image?  The tiles with printed numbers can easily be removed and replaced with a variety of 1x1 round tiles so that you can make a mosaic akin to the new Lego Art sets.  Perhaps you'll choose a Classic Space logo, a Lion Knights or Black Falcons coat of arms, a Town Fire Fighter logo, or even a picture of your family.  Creating mosaics is easier than ever now that Studio has the ability to create them for you, so go ahead and get creative.

The frame consists of 91 bricks.  The 15 sliding pieces consist of another 13 bricks each.  The number tiles add another 40 bricks, so a total of just 326 bricks for the 1-15 puzzle design.  Each additional mosaic design requires an additional 240 1x1 round tiles.  And is that a trans-yellow brick separator?

If you enjoy both Legos and puzzles, then this is the set for you!

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