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Bora Bora Hut

I had been trying to work out making a Bora Bora scene in my head for awhile now.  I wanted to build multiple huts but don’t have that much lego, so I decided to make one! :)

I have realized I like to build places I’d like to vacation or live in and a Bora Bora hut over the water is definitely my number one place I’d like to go (but don’t want to deal with the long flight and it’s way too much mulla)!

When I started this build I didn’t care for it but then I started the roof and fell in love! 

As you can see there are 3 levels. 

First Level: Sea Level 
I tried to create a thriving ecosystem with many plants and sea creatures-that apparently can live as one in Lego harmony! There’s also a guy down there scuba diving :)

Second Level: Hut and Dock
On the deck there is girl, a surf board, flippers, and a boom box! Also a ladder to get you onto the boat: which has a bucket, fishing rod and paddles and is fastened to the deck via chain. 
The hut itself has a full bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen. There is also a window on the floor to see the ocean below!

Third Level - Thatch Roof 
Made up of many leaves of different colours as well as some little birds. 

Sure do hope you all like it!!

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