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Futuristic Station


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Futuristic Station
Hello everybody! I’m glad to submit this science fiction project featuring a train station of a futuristic city. It has about 3.000 pieces.
I have spent a lot of enjoyable hours creating this project with Studio, and several more rendering the different views and working with the details. The main features are set forth below.
Main features
The model comprises the following areas or facilities: a train station, a musical pub, a hotel capsule, and an air filtering station.  
The set has been designed onto two base plates (32x32 and 16x32). It further comprises a magnetic levitation train, a magnetic levitation car, a police motorcycle, nine minifigures and a rat, and some stickers.
Train Station
The train station comprises a middle waiting area and upper boarding platform.
The waiting area is acceded through a staircase which connects with the street. A control access allows the passengers to enter the station using their access cards. This area is equipped with several waiting seats, a vending machine for dispensing water and refreshments, and two ticket machines. Next to the waiting seats there is a metallic flowerpot containing decorative plants.
The boarding platform is acceded through another staircase which connects with the waiting area. Passengers must cross a security arch before acceding the boarding platform. Automatic doors prevent the passengers to access the railway. A separate room allows the train driver to enter to the train cabin and to reach a control cabinet. A designer metallic roof provides shelter from rain and other adverse weather conditions.
Musical Pub
The musical pub is located under the train station on the ground floor. It has a front main entrance, many large windows, and a rear door for the staff. The pub comprises a lighted countertop for serving refreshments and snacks, several stools, tables and sofas, and a musical area equipped with a loudspeaker and a guitar.
Hotel Capsule
It is one of the cheapest choices to stay on such crowded city. The M.3 capsule is equipped with a bed, a shower and a cupboard. A water supply pipe and a drainpipe connect with the capsule.
Air Filtering Station
There is an air filtering station under the railway. The air is taken from a front grille by two air extractors, conducted, filtered and distributed towards several nozzles to provide clean air to the waiting area. A biohazard sign warns the people to stay away from the filters.
Magnetic Levitation Train
The train may slide along the railway. It can lodge several passengers inside, either standing or sitting. Its roof can be removed to increase playability.
Magnetic Levitation Car
The car is a kind of speeder for traveling in the city. Its young driver has parked it in a prohibited zone. So, he is angrily receiving a fine from the policewoman.
Police Motorcycle
The police motorcycle is also magnetic. The lateral sides are marked with “CS-COP” which stands for “City Service COP”. The policeman is approaching a graffiti artist to see what she is doing.
Train driver inside the cabin
Passenger inside the train
Passengers on the boarding platform (2)
Passenger on the waiting area
Graffiti artist
Young driver
Young woman
Young man
I hope you like it. Thanks for your support!

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