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Penguin Snow Cone Stand

I love building restaurants from lego bricks. There's so many different ways a restaurant could look. One day I had the idea to build a cute little snow cone stand, something different from the ice cream shop, I built two years ago. Snow cones dont get much attention even though most people love the delightful treat. I've spent the past few months designing, I feel that I've came up with a design that gives you a warm welcoming feeling. Even though snow cones are cold, with all the cute little details most lego fans will adore. I've done my best to use more advanced building techniques to achieve the level of depth you see with the walls and trim. The diffrent shades of blues for the trim and skirt, complimented with the white walls and black roof brings it all together, for a winter feel. The insides full of so many details form the shaved ice machine, the many different syrups the frezzer and candy shelf. Complete with a bathroom/ storage room. I hope my idea is one for consideration, but I understand theres thousands of other very talented builders with amazing builds of there own. I've loved lego since I was four its always been a dream to be a lego designer, and ideas gave me the chance to achieve that dream. 

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