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Family Feud


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This is the TV game show Family Feud. It includes Steve Harvey and 10 random people. I did my best with Lego Digital Designer and MS Paint to make the set. It includes the two family stands, the 1 on 1 stand, the survey board that spins around, the 3 lights in front of the board, and the 3 strikes. The pictures on the board and strikes represent stickers or printings. The transparent pieces represent the lights that could be printed on them. I made the front frame on the board yellow because it's mostly yellow on TV. This set contains 296 pieces.

I built this because it seemed easy. It only required 11 people, stands, and a big board. I thought it would make a good Lego set because I haven't seen any Lego game shows! I thought Family Feud would be good because involves more talking than pictures.

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