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Citroën DS Fantomas


This time I created a famous movie version of the Citroën DS. In the 1960s, three "Fantomas" films were produced in France. Fantomas is a brilliant criminal who often hides behind different masks. He is chased by Commissioner Paul Juve, played by the famous Louis de Funès. The first film was created in 1964. In the second film from 1965 Fantomas escapes at the end of the film with his Citroën DS, which turns into an airplane.
My set shows this "flight version" of the Citroën DS. The set also includes a "Fantomas" minifigur and consists of 259 bricks.

I created this project because I like classic cars and movies. This set would be great for anyone who also likes classic cars and movies. If you like my set, please support it.

Thanks for your support!

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