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Portal 2 Test Chamber


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Hello? Hello hello? Well, if you're reading this you're reading the description of my new Portal 2 project! Uh, I just wanted to emphasize that this model would be.. flimsy in real life, I mean, it isn't held together very well. The set comes with 4 turrets and four Companion Cubes. It also comes with two movable portals, a door, a moveable button, and of course, a Chell minifig. Glados is tricky, so she will be in a separate set.

There isn't that much playability in this set, but there are always updates! This would be a fun set for LEGO to make because if they did make a collaboration with Vavle, they could do a Ricochet set too. There are other reasons, but I'm not gonna state them all here. Thanks for reading the description, hope you support if you liked it! "Please note that the weighted companion cube with never threaten to stab you, and in fact, cannot speak. In any case that the weighted companion cube does speak, the enrichment center urges you to disregard it's advice " -Glados

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