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Blues Brothers The Bluesmobile

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The Blues Brothers is one of the most awesome movies of all time, a classic to this day! And the iconic Bluesmobile accompanies the Blues Brothers on their "Mission from God".

This set would be for the Bluesmobile + Jake and Elwood. But in the future it could also expand to include some of the police cars that futilely pursue them.

I have actually made the Bluesmobile, and used it in a stop animation remake of the Shopping Mall chase scene. - Check it out at

So there is proof this model is sturdy and fun! I think it would make an awesome LEGO Cuusoo set! I would also hope the real set has a few stickers on it to show the right details, but I was not able to properly achieve that look!

A real life actual LEGO Bluesmobile!!!!

the side panels and roof all come off, and there is room inside for 2 Minifigs to sit side by side.

Now with Jake and Elwood!

Here we see the Bluesmobile in action!

The vehicle has been designed to be durable and fun, allowing you to get figures in and out, and then go smashing through windows!

I am very happy to take feedback and design advice.

check out some of my other LEGO creations at

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