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Mini City Diorama: London With Undergound Station!


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Specifically designed for Lego enthusiasts with little room, this entire city diorama sits on a 16x16 baseplate

Mini City Diorama: London

Welcome to my mini LEGO London – the only way is up! – or down.  How can you fit the entirely of a modern city in your crowded office/living room/bedroom? The answer can be found in our cities themselves, go up, not out! The City in Section is based on a 16x16 baseplate, one quarter the size of a standard modular, but what it lacks in width, it makes up in height.

What can you see?

From the rat filled underbelly of the city; to the crowed rush hour platform of a busy London tube; up the fully detailed escalator; out to the street level to get your favourite lactose free mocha choca iced hazelnut latte venti with extra cinnamon; finally to your fashionable attic style architects office, where you can dream up new Cities in Sections designs!

Who lives there?

Meet the characters that you can bump into around the city:

The Commuter, the Busker, the Train Driver, the Barista, the Dog Walker, the Architect, and a doggie.

The details:

This build is packed with details and Easter Eggs, from the strangely familiar architect’s model, tasty croissants, and ever annoying seagulls, there’s always something to do in the city. The build easily deconstructs into its four floor plates, so you will be able to access all parts of your own mini London, and the whole set rests on its own custom stand, so you can pack all the detail into one dapper tower.   

I hope you all love my little City in Section as much as I do, please consider giving it your support!

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